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August 2023 Newsletter

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Newsletters

August 2023 Newsletter

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more common, does it have a role in the church?  Jackie Roth dips into the subject, and shares an AI  prayer.

God, Your Neighbor and You – Commandment XI 9.10.23

Rev. Brad Rito takes a look at Commandment XI -God, Your Neighbor and You.

Full Contentment – Commandment X 9.3.23

Rev. Brad Rito focuses on how finding “Full Contentment” and how that pertains to following the 9th Commandment.

Prayers of the Heart

Does God hear the prayers of our hearts? Pastor Rito takes a close look at prayer, in part 1 of this series.

7th Commandment – August 13, 2023

Rev. Brad Rito focuses on the 7th Commandment – Thou shall not commit adultery.

The Whole Truth – Commandment IX 8.27.23

Rev. Rito looks at the truth, “The Whole Truth” and nothing but the truth, and how this relates to Commandment 9.