New Covenant Community Church

The Voice that Changes Everything – 1/17/21

WELCOME CALL TO WORSHIP Leader: When the ways of peace seem clouded, the light of God’s love shines before us. People: When we doubt and wonder what will happen, God is in our midst, guiding our steps. Leader: When despair and difficulty attempt to smother us, the...

Baptism of the Lord Sunday – 1/10/21

While our pocket calendars remind us that tomorrow is the second Sunday of January, the liturgical calendar highlights for us that we will be celebrating Baptism of the Lord Sunday, where we not only remember Christ’s baptism, but our own as well, for our baptism is rooted in Christ, and it marks us as God’s people.

The Heart of The Gospel – 12/20/20

CALL TO WORSHIP AND THE LIGHTING OF THE ADVENT CANDLE Leader: Against the darkness of despair, the candle of hope shines in our midst. People: Against the darkness of conflict, the candle of peace illumines a new way. Leader: Against the darkness of sorrow, the candle...

Tuning the Strings of Transformation – 12/13/20

Today, during Advent, preparing for Christmas, we too are invited to add our voices to Mary’s song and to begin to tune the strings of transformation in the key that Mary sings her song. However, it has become difficult in our culture because the world so grotesquely distorts the message of God’s music…. The world tries to convince us to tune our strings to a different key.