New Covenant Community Church

Tuning the Strings of Transformation – 12/13/20

Today, during Advent, preparing for Christmas, we too are invited to add our voices to Mary’s song and to begin to tune the strings of transformation in the key that Mary sings her song. However, it has become difficult in our culture because the world so grotesquely distorts the message of God’s music…. The world tries to convince us to tune our strings to a different key.

Where is God? – 12/6/20

During these dark times, some may be asking, “Where is God?” Pastor Tom sheds some light on the subject, in today’s meditation designed to bring peace in the Advent season. “Here is our God who eliminates the mountains of misery, in order to reveal the horizons of hope.”

The Messenger – December Edition

Pastor Tom shares a prayer of hope and light at the start of the season of Advent. Despite everything going on, Board President, Nancy Williams explains this is a season to be jolly. The pandemic prompted the Mission’s Committee to cancel the Case CLC Book...

Christ the King Sunday 2020

Thank you for joining us for our online worship service on the last Sunday of the liturgical year, Christ the King Sunday.  We will share responsive readings as well as sing some hymns (with gratitude to Ken Heischman), and we’ll read a Scripture from Matthew...

Women to the Rescue – 11/15/20

We will read a passage of Scripture from Judges 4:1-10, and since the text focuses on the only female judge mentioned in the Old Testament, the title of the meditation is “Women to the Rescue.” Order of Worship – 11.15.20